Ghana Photos
Church Dedication
November 5, 2006

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Pastor Francis ushering in Mrs. Odunton.

Dedication Day of the new Worship Center and

Pastor Don-Adda presenting his welcome address

The Assemblyman presenting his address.

The women's praise team leading the church to praise the Lord.

Pastor Don-Adda dedicating the new place of worship, to the left is his interpreter.

Pastor with the youth after the dedication service. 

Pastor Francis with some of the church members.




Brother Francis taking some rest after service.



Sister Mary (left) being presented with a gift from the church for allowing us to worship in her house for one year - before we moved into this building.

A section of the youth at Sunday Service.  Arrowed in:  Mr. Abankwah in dark dress, in front and my wife, Theresa, on the right.

Pastor Don-Adda with some Sunday School kids after Sunday Service.

A section of the Congregation.

Pastor Don-Adda, during Sunday Service.  You see a section of the Chruch.  This is part of our new place of worship.  To the right of Pastor Don-Adda is his interpreter.

Part of the Church during Sunday Service.

Pastor Don-Adda leaving the Church to pray before he preaches on a Sunday.